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The 15th March 2014 Artebambini has opened LOP LOP, a space inside the L.U.C.C.A. - Lucca Centre of Contemporary Art, which is located inside the famous Palazzo Boccella in the town centre; this is a museum created in 2009, a space containing works of art, which is also a space to live and experience. Inside LOP LOP different activities and events take place:

  • Educational activities for schools: school projects inspired by the exhibitions set up at the museum, projects where science, art and play are linked with one another.
  • Activities for families: workshops on open themes are proposed to families as after school activities, for children of every age.
  • Education and training: LOP LOP is also a location for training, as courses for educators, teachers, museum educators and teachers are offered periodically.
  • Bookshop: LOP LOP is also bookshop of the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, bookshop dedicated to art which is also centre for the promotion of the Kamishibai and children’s literature.
  • Exhibitions: during the year different exhibitions are set up and many events on the theme of art, illustration, comics, play and toys take place, with a rich programme of meetings with authors and illustrators.



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